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Electronic Components Suppliers

Solid State Inc. is a global stocking distributor and electronic component supplier located in Bloomfield NJ.

Solid State Inc. provides service to a multitude of market sectors. Our extensive franchise lines of fuses, adjustable voltage regulators, silicon controlled rectifiers, and other products, along with manufacturing agreements, provide a broad line of products to service your production needs. Our strategic corporate vision is to work closely with your existing applications and evolve with your designs towards a sustainable energy future.

Having been in business for over 40 years, we are able to offer to the Electronic Industry a vast array of Zener Diodes, Rectifiers, Transistors , Field Effective Transistors (FETS), Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) , Triacs, Diodes, SUS, SBS, Unijunction Transistors (UJT), Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS), Bridge Rectifiers, Darlington Transistors, and much more made by Solid State Mfg. These components can be used in a large selection of applications throughout the industry, including battery chargers, power supplies, welding, oil field, locomotive and rail vehicles.

Since our inception in 1969, we have supplied and accommodated our customers with quality products, reasonable costs, accurate delivery and thorough knowledge of the parts we sell.
In addition to the large selection of Electronic Devices that Solid State Inc. has to offer, we take great pride in our extensive line of 10watt DO4 Zener Diodes, 50watt DO5 Zener Diodes and Axial Lead Zeners that are made by Solid State Inc-Mfg., along with the other product lines that we carry by Solid State Inc-Mfg